Syria: The Fall of the Assad Regime and Its Domino Effect

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The Syrian regime will fall, so says a Western diplomat to Syria, according to a June 16 Reuters article. Another Syrian-based diplomat states that the protest movement is broad-based and growing; in fact, according to the Jerusalem Post, they are widespread.

The Syrian government is losing control and is running out of money. Thus, it may not be long until the realization of the predicted fall of the regime is achieved.

In fact, on Thursday, a pillar of Syria’s leadership was forced to step aside. Rami Makhlouf, a confidant of President Bashar al-Assad and the most powerful businessman in Syria, was forced out due to monetary pressure on the regime.

In addition, more trouble for the Syrian regime has developed. This past week, Turkey signaled it would further distance itself from Syria, its longtime ally. In a further signal of trouble for the Assad regime, Turkey announced plans to help protestors by getting relief assistance to them.

pkv domino qq, though Bashar al-Assad’s military has been brutally dealing with the protests, by killing and imprisoning peaceful protestors, his brutality has done nothing to stem the rising tide of Syrian protests. As a matter of fact, it has had the opposite effect-that of pouring gasoline on the fire. For example, tens of thousands of demonstrators across Syria emerged from Friday prayers in protest of the Assad regime, calling for its ending. These thousands of protestors poured into the streets of three of the largest cities in Syria.

Finally, under mounting pressure and facing growing protests, Syria’s president spoke to the Syrians for the first time since this crisis began. However, instead of softening dissidents, Assad may have deepened the commitment of protestors.

It appears that no matter how President Assad approaches the situation, his missteps make it worse for him. Adding to his doomed approach is the severe economic downturn which will exacerbate protests and limit Assad’s ability to pay his “security” forces. As a result, it appears that it is God’s plan to bring down the current regime.

The upending of the Assad regime will, undoubtedly, adversely affect Hamas, Hizbullah, and Iran. This is because they are all so intricately tied together. Hamas has had its headquarters centered in Syria; Syria has been a conduit of Iranian aid for both Hamas and Hizbullah; and Syria has, essentially, been a puppet government of the Iranian-Ahmadinejad (the president of Iran) regime. Thus, the ending of the Assad government would, at the least, strike a blow at the latter three and would likely cause a crack to develop in their foundations.

If each of these terrorist entities go down, the entire region will drastically change. In a swing of the pendulum away from terrorism and dictatorial control, the Middle East will become much more pro-democratic and, as a result, much more in line with the philosophy of Israel, currently the lone democratic state in the region.

Thus, the undoing of the Syrian regime may be one more step toward opening the region to align with Israel. If so, this alignment would most likely set the table for the Bible’s predicted end-times treaty with Israel. (For much more on this treaty and its resulting developments, see Apocalypse 2012: The Ticking of the End Time Clock-What Does the Bible Say?)

As an added development toward this possibility, reports have surfaced that the inner circle surrounding Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is facing increasing pressure from Iran’s clerics. These clerics, led by Spiritual Leader Ali Khamenei, have ultimate say over the direction of the country. However, a few months ago, Ahmadinejad made the mistake of challenging the power of Khamenei and has been paying the price ever since with a war being waged between the two. For example, since April, at least a dozen people connected to the president have been arrested.

In addition, the Iranian opposition movement has steadily grown in the past year and a half, reaching into the Revolutionary Guards (the Iranian military) and into higher political offices. Though it is unlikely that this protest movement will have the same effect as the protest movement in Syria, still it is one more pressure on the Ahmadinejad regime.

In addition, it is very possible that God may use this opposition movement in another way. If, for example, Israel were to attack Iran in a last-ditch attempt to halt Iran’s nuclear progress, God could use the protest movement to take advantage of the resulting chaos of a military strike and overturn the regime at that time. (Based on the opinions of some experts, we may not have to wait long to see if Israel will carry out this attack. After all, some believe that Iran could achieve nuclear capability by the end of 2011. But it all depends on if Israeli leadership sees it that way. If they do, then the attack will occur within the next six months.)

This all means that we may be witnessing God’s preparation of the fulfillment of end-times Bible prophecy via the severe pressure on the Assad regime. If so, we may be drawing near to end-times fulfillment. Thus, we are living in exciting days!



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