Online Marketing Overview for the Cash & Membership Chiropractic Office

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Because online marketing is a vast universe of promotional opportunities it can also become an equally huge source of confusion for small business owners.

Most chiropractors are no different.

In a nutshell you should work your online marketing from 3 angles.


  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing
  3. Advertising (Online Ads such as Google Ads) Marketing


Arguably, all 3 approaches have equal importance in the world of marketing your small business online.

Social Media Marketing

You are no doubt familiar with social media.

It’s comprises the faddish world of sites that allow you to keep up with friends, family and celebrities all while telling everyone about everything going on in your own life – should you choose.

Beyond the personal boundaries of social media, the business application can prove quite impactful by simply getting a well-crafted business page set up and driving traffic to it. From there just stay actively engaged with those people and you will accomplish top of mind awareness.

Supply valuable and thought provoking content with an occasion self-serving promotion such as an upcoming Patient Appreciation Day.

Once you are active on the 4 or 5 most popular social media sites, you may consider a platform such as Hootsuite ( that will allow you to post from one place and have it populate onto many social media platforms.

SEO Marketing

To break torrez market darknet down into its most basic explanation coupled with advice, you want to create links pointing to your website.

That simply means you want to create a ton of original content (just like this article is for my website) and put your website URL (address) somewhere in it so that people can click it and land on your site.

People landing on your website is called your traffic.

The more traffic you get, the cooler the search engines think you are and the more your phone will ring.

Marketing with Paid Ads

Another way to get traffic is to pay for it.

Using Google as the obvious search engine example, you can run what are called Google Ads using their AdWords campaign function.

To do this you simply need a Google account and some time on your hands to learn the basics of how to run ads.

There is an art and science to running effective ads but well worth your time spent. My own Express Chiropractic office gets 40% of new patients from online marketing efforts, a percentage of which is well crafted paid ads.

Another 40% of my patients come from unsolicited patient referrals. Why do I mention this in an online marketing article? Because if you put out all the time and effort it takes to build and maintain an effective online presence just to have those people come in and not have an incredible experience in your office then all that effort was for nothing.

And you are going to need to keep spending money to fill the clinic because your existing patients aren’t helping out.

Bottom Line for Cash and Membership Practices

Online marketing is all about having an even split of ads, social media posts and high quality original content floating around on the web. You will never over market online and especially when the bulk of it is proving valuable information verses self-promotion.

This means you and your staff can and should always be marketing during any down time.

Whether writing an article, a press release, a social media post or online ad there is more to get done than you could ever possibly keep up with.

For the Cash/Membership chiropractic office the focus should largely be on your philosophy about health (Salutogenesis vs Pathogenesis, etc.) and the benefits of care and services you offer (No appointment needed, No insurance needed, etc.) along with occasional promotional information (first visit special, etc.).

In other words, how you are different than the typical insurance based chiropractic office. By setting yourself apart, the wellness chiropractic niche in your community can better identify that you are the right chiropractor for them.

Dr. Daron Stegall is founder and COO of Cash Practice Concepts and Express Chiropractic. For more than 15 years he has been coaching chiropractors on the business and marketing of chiropractic offices.


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