8 Greatest Video Game Villains

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Such countless games center a lot around the legend, so the miscreant is neglected and winds up being exhausting and lacking character. Yet, games today need more measurements to keep the present ADD gamer intrigued and cheerful. This is my salute to those games that have scalawags nearly as cool, if not cooler, than the legend.

8) Final Fantasy 8: Seifer

Seifer begins as Squall’s kindred understudy in the SEED foundation and is the explanation Squall has that frightful scar. The competition goes bad and Seifer shows his real nature as a scalawag. I loved that Seifer was a genuinely ordinary looking scoundrel; he wasn’t a moving comedian (Kefka) or a delicate male obscuring sexual orientation lines (Kuja).

7) Super Mario: Bowser

Despite the fact that Donkey Kong was the first adversary of Mario, Bowser was way cooler, mostly in light of the fact that he was a winged serpent and Donkey Kong was only a monkey. Bowser had his own cronies, a gigantic château, and spikes on his shell. He generally took the scene from Mario, particularly when he joins the gathering in Super Mario RPG. Since he was the most grounded character in the game, I’ll disregard how silly he glanced in that flying jokester.

6) Chrono Cross: Lynx

Lynx is an intriguing scoundrel, he is a bi-pedal cat with a lovely cool outfit that appears to mirror a dim, gothic style that somebody like Dracula would wear. With a female comedian named Harle as a companion, JOKER GAMING feel to him and when Serge and him switch bodies, you control Lynx for a part of the game, making an association among him and the gamer.

5) Resident Evil 5: Wesker

You are first acquainted with Wesker in Resident Evil, however you become more acquainted with his character much better in the fifth portion. A long coat and glasses are the common miscreant admission, yet Wesker has excessively human strength because of the infection he contains in his body. Chris and Sheva are his punching sacks during the greater part of the game and Wesker has some beautiful conspicuous moves when he puts the hurt on them. Help yourself out and lease Resident Evil 5, if not to watch Wesker’s battle scenes.

4) Baldur’s Gate: Sarevok

The introduction film to Baldur’s Gate acquaints the player with Sarevok and shows he isn’t to be messed with. As step sibling of the fundamental character and enemy of his receptive dad, Sarevok’s thought processes are indistinct and it is dependent upon the player to find him and shield him from finishing his malicious plans. A goliath who is canvassed head to toe in protection, Sarevok is a test to overcome.

3) Metal Gear Solid: Revolver Ocelot

Our first prologue to Ocelot is in the acclaimed PlayStation game Metal Gear Solid and it is somewhat frustrating, since he gets his arm cut off by Gray Fox. All things considered, Ocelot keeps it old fashioned by utilizing a six shooter and the following games in the Metal Gear games jump further into his character. Ocelot was a specialist during the Cold War and his marksmanship equaled Snake’s, if not astounding it. Not until some other time in the arrangement does the player at long last realize what side Ocelot is playing for and the secret that encompasses him puts him high on my rundown as a cool lowlife.

2) Final Fantasy VII: Sephiroth

It’s stunning how Sephiroth is basically a commonly recognized name, even with individuals who never played FFVII and the famous lowlife is the encapsulation of cool. Everybody likes Sephiroth, despite the fact that he needs to suck all the mako from the planet and sail around the universe on it. What truly raises Sephiroth above different scalawags are the battle scenese that show his sheer force and capable blade play, at the same time keeping his arrogant certainty. Regardless of whether it be against Genesis, Zack, or Cloud, Sephiroth consistently puts on an act.

1) Knights of the Old Republic: Darth Revan

This is my main and tops Sephiroth for the most part on the grounds that the player really is Darth Revan, yet doesn’t have any acquaintance with it until some other time in the game. Revan is perhaps the coolest character in the Star Wars arrangement, wearing the standard dull hooded robe and Boba Fett type cover. It is an incredible wind in the game when you find that you really are this dull and malicious character. It’s up to the player whether to proceed with Revan’s rule of fear and recover his seat of evil by crushing his student Dark Malak, or you can turn your back against your old ways and join the light side of the power.



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